Line up

Sam and the Womp

Their debut single 'Bom Bom' shot straight to No 1 in the UK music charts in August 2012 and sold over a million copies worldwide.

Fronted by trumpeter and chief rabble-rouser Sam Ritchie and singer/songwriter Bloom De Wilde, the London band create a unique alternative brass driven dance sound. Sam and the Womp prioritize the party as they break free of conventional genres with a new flavour of Brass and Bass.


Fusing traditional afro-beat sounds with some heavy doses of contemporary urban funk, Matuki have immediately won audiences over with sizzling horns, tuff bass-lines, interlocking guitars & soaring vocals. Led by master drummer and lead vocalist, Abraham Ebou, they released their debut album, Injo, in March this year bringing along with it jazz & psychedelic influences which result in mesmerising tunes and heavyweight horn lines! Recent shows have included main support slots for sold out shows with Quantic Soul Orchestra in Cardiff and Dele Sossimi in Bristol as well as headline sets at Salisbury Arts festival and Backwell House NYE

Shoot the Moon

Shoot The Moon are a 7 piece Ska/ Punk band from the South-west, UK. They bring a distinctive, dynamic and uplifting sound that breathes Punk Rock fire and sweats stomping Ska rhythm.

The bands influences include Mad Caddies, The Skints, Will and The People and Less Than Jake.

Recent shows include Glastonbury festival, Isle of Wight festival, Bestival and Boomtown Fair, as well as prestigious support slots with Madness, The Specials and The Skints.

Shoot the Moon kicks bollox!


Ska Punk that gets you stomping!

Mike Daniels, Godney Gathering

Crinkle Cuts

Fresh with a capital PH, Crinkle Cuts deliver you a blasting of tantric funk, smooth reggae and new-wave latin ska woven together in a bombastic psychedelic tapestry of good vibes for an eccentric, exotic and eargasmic live performance.

Busy Twist

Hailing from London, The Busy Twist is a collective focused on rejoining the dots between Afro, Latin and UK Bass music by developing a sound which not only melds the sonic genealogy of all three palettes but also presents such crossovers faithfully. Their debut EP ‘Friday Night’ with Soundway Records is preoccupied with the ever-decreasing gap between London and Ghanian music in an effort to capture the vibrancy and warmth shared by both cultures. Beyond the banks of West Africa a resonance with Columbian roots is increasingly present in their music – a link they have developed over a series of trips to the country in recent years, and furthered by productions alongside locals Nidia Gongora and Chongo de Colombia.

Mista Trick

Mista Trick is a producer and dj of all things Swing n Bass. He has since gone on to perform at many festivals including Glastonbury, Boomtown, Nozstock, Swingamajig and Shambala. He also produced remixes for Molotov Jukebox, Swingrowers, Lamuzguele, Future Shape of Sound, Extra Medium, Kiwistar Flechette, Josh and Le Chat. Releasing tracks on Ragtime Records, Pashmount Music and Sony. He has also performed in many capital cities around Europe including Paris, Vienna, Lyon, Barceleona, Grenoble, Zurich, Prague, Plzen, Sofia and Lyon.

Slim Pickings

Slim Pickings are 8 strong Reggae/Dub force. 2016 saw them release their debut single 'Dem Fall' with a video to boot, which has been highly praised. Many members bring to the table different inspirations and influences, from 70/80's reggae, modern reggae to hip-hop.

Still in the baby years the band have quickly picked up a strong following through venue and festival dates all over the UK. The band are currently recording a debut EP which is set to be released later in 2016!

Drawn together by their distinctly empty pockets and their collective love of reggae music, soon enough, a band was formed. Sometimes something just feels right, this wasnt one of those times but they did it anyway! Rehearsals were missed and debts were racked up, cables broke and pedals packed up, but despite all adversity Slim Pickings came out stronger than ever, with their own unique style of modern, urban energetic feel good reggae they turn anywhere they can afford to get to into a party. People have said things like 'That was cool' and 'I loved it' but its up to you to make your own decisions.

C@ in the H@

C@ in the H@ (pronounced: Cat in the Hat) creates a fusion of early twentieth century swing and jazz, and chunky twenty-first century beats with bouncy electronic bass. Hailing from Birmingham with a completely innovative style called "Swing with the Big Bass Sound", his DJ sets are about having fun, bringing you Electro Swing with aspects of Turntablism, Dubstep, Jungle, House, Reggae & whatever else fits into the melting pot, as long as it brings a smile to your face and makes you wanna dance. C@ in the H@ is also director at Ragtime Records alongside Top Hat from the Electric Swing Circus & has releases on Ragtime Records, Freshly Squeezed, Pedigree Cuts, & Greenqueen Music.

Danny Wav

Danny Wav is a stone cold love machine! He’s your wing man, he’s a timelord, he’s the person you’d want to tag if you were wrestling a moustachioed Mexican mean machine and were in some kind of hideous triple nelson neck hold about to lose all sensation in your face and hands. Born wild and once fully feral, he was hand reared by kung fu nuns who taught him a respect for the ladies and exquisite table manners. Danny’s a DJ, who isn’t these days? But Danny’s different, he’s mean and lean and cut his teeth (and teats) in his previous act Dutty Moonshine – bad boys! Danny is a one man party starter, wobbly bass, scratchy shenanigans, full on overloader of happy times, he starts parties like a boss, bingo halls to dancehalls, leisure centres to leather centres (sofas on 50% sale!) He’s safe, he’s sexy, his gun fingers are set to stun, but are filled with Fiyah!


Pieman has been Beatboxing on stage for over 10 years. He mixes styles from Glitch to Hip Hop to DnB, with elements of story telling and theatre. Following his success at the UK Beatbox Championships in 2015, Pye has been developing his unique style in new and unusual directions. From head bopping to jaw dropping Pye's live show is something that has to be seen to be believed.

Imperial & K.I.N.E.T.I.K

If there were ever tag team belts for ‘The Most Unlikely Duo In Hip Hop’, Imperial and K.I.N.E.T.I.K. could quite possibly be the undisputed champions.

Once combined, Imperial’s blend of multiple styles, along with K.I.N.E.T.I.K.’s honest yet humorous delivery create an exuberant and rambunctious patchwork of beats, rhymes and life. Think Bill and Ted meets Run The Jewels. On paper, this approach shouldn’t ‘work’ together, but it does and very well. Their collective sound is rooted in classic Hip Hop but the genre boundaries are always pushed and listeners can find traces of Soul, Rock, Gospel, Pop and Disco in their musical chemistry.

Since forming in 2013, the Cambridge/London-based duo have racked up two projects, multiple singles and won over crowds from London to Secret Garden Party.

In 2016, they dropped their debut album, 'Adventures In Technicolour' which was warmly received, charting at #19 in the Hip Hop charts on iTunes.

King Punch

King Punch are a lively 7-piece ska-punk band hailing from London, England. Known for their energetic live shows, they are equally at home smashing together a blend of ska, punk, hard rock and swing in crushed London clubs or up on big festival stages. Either way, everyone's going to be going home sweaty and happy.


Population 7 are a collective of Worcester musicians and good friends who have gradually evolved from a beat fuelled experiment with local featured artists to a nine piece alternative, live, hip-hop/neo soul band.

Influenced by 90's hip hop and soul- together they fuse these sounds with elements of jazz, funk, rock, and blues to create a highly eclectic and punchy live sound. After years of playing and writing together they use their own songs as a template to express themselves and constantly experiment, each performance of a song being moulded to the atmosphere and representing the band's current state of mind. All polished off with intricate raps and five part harmonies. Promising fresh, pure, dance-along beats with a burst of horns and plenty of majestic guitar riffs to satisfy all the senses.

Emma Clair

Emma Clair's infectiously upbeat sets join sounds from the 1920s with modern beats and bass!

Leading lady and creater of Manchester based Electro Swing club night Prohibition, Emma's love for the music shines through in her DJ sets and events.

Emma's club sets lean towards the 4/4 side of Electro Swing, heavily influenced by house music, but come festival season you can also expect to hear some ghetto funk and drum & bass creaping in! Full of energy and creativity, Emma takes the dancefloor on a musical journey, with uplifting melodies, swing rhythms and cheeky vocal sample; music that will put a smile on your face! Nothing dull and nothing boring!

Emma learnt to mix on vinyl in 2006 inspired by the underground clubs in her home city of Manchester! In May 2008 she played her first public DJ set, since then she has gone on to become one of the most respected female DJs in the North West of England.

Fizzy Gillespie

Fizzy Gillespie is a 20 year old DJ & Producer who is best known for taking the Vintage sounds of 1930's Swing to 1960's Soul, and everything in between, and fusing them with the modern sounds of Drum'n'Bass. His DJ sets are all about being happy and having fun and sometimes see him even dipping into everything from Reggae Remixes to Garage Certis!

Fizzy has played at festivals and events such as Boomtown, Bestival, Wilderness, London Remixed, Electro Swing Club, Hot Club de Swing and Cirque du Soul. He also runs his own event 'Swing & Bass' in association with Rough Trade Records in Nottingham.

Some of the artists he has supported include: The Correspondents, Electric Swing Circus, Dutty Moonshine, Jamie Berry, Phil Mac, Fatman Scoop, The Upbeats, Tantrum Desire, Swingrowers & C@ In The H@ to name a few.

This cheeky little bugger has got more Swing'n'Bass tunes than Dutty Moonshine themselves...You won't find a traditional sleepy set here, it'll be balls to wall fun times!

Dutty Moonshine

Little thief

After joining forces in May 2015, these two mischief-makers started playing late into the night, armed only with a guitar, a drum kit and a passion for raw, unadulterated music, leading them into their first summer as ‘Little Thief’. They debuted their hard-hitting two-piece rock set at Glastonbury festival, then Bestival, then brought the mischief to the streets of Paris where, on a spontaneous whirlwind mini-tour, they caused trouble playing impromptu sets on the Parisian streets, where the penniless duo made enough money for some steak, some camembert, and the fuel to get back home

Jenova Collective (DJ set)

Dropping all things vintage & everything that’s not! Expect Bass House, DnB, 140 nonsense & future beats all tied together with the subtle flavouring of a seedy speakeasy!